July 8, 2010: What's new

    December 31 of 2009 we've produced a sort of a tech demo to showcase our progress. While the reception was mostly positive, it became a subject to critique. Some may wonder if the listened to it. So here is a list of changes we made based on feedback:

    • Added a version for Linux.
    • Solved a problem that led to the colored rectangles instead of proper character sprite.
    • Added a joystick/gamepad support.
    • Characters and enemies move slower. However we consider adding a special «cofeinum» mode that retains original speed.
    • Characters now don't jump as high as they used to. You no longer can jump higher than you can see.
    • Game physics no longer depend on time.
    • Added support for language files. All of the game texts are now written both in English and Russian. You can select your language in the configuration file.

    The only thing that can be said about recent progress is that it is present. Even despite the fact that most of the developers have left on vacations the work continues. Watch out for updates.

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