April 19, 2012: The Other Side of Omskow v1.2

Prepatched version:

(Win) (Src) (x64 .deb)



Copy contents of the patch to the directory where last version was installed.



  1. Added two new levels.
  2. Added a bonus minigame.
  3. Fixed console command for getting health.
  4. Fixed the problem with characters not appearing in some cutscenes.
  5. Added confirmation for restart button.
  6. You can now configure the screenshot button in menu.
  7. Enemies now flash white when receiving damage. Can be turned off in config/extra.lua.
  8. Changed character physics. They fall slower and have lower maximum vertical velocity. Can be turned off in config/extra.lua.
  9. Single manpac no longer counts as several enemies for combo meter.
  10. Added a new key preset «less keys» for people who cannot use more than four keys (not counting directions) for some reason. You can't perform every possible move with it, but more than enough to beat the game.
  11. Fixed the problem with miniboss fight in Mountains never starting.
  12. A weak spot of miniboss in Mountains now produces sparks on hit to be more obvious.
  13. Omskow laboratory renamed to «Secret Base» in several places to avoid confusion with the Laboratory.
  14. Teleportration now resets character velocity.
  15. Profile selection menu shows proper names.
  16. «Music Room» now works as intended.
  17. Characters become immortal after defeating the boss so you no longer can get game over right after you win.
  18. Fixed text formatting in info menu.
  19. When taking damage from boss in Familiar Face character is now pushed back.
  20. Fixed the typo that prevented players from getting «Experimentator» achievement.
  21. You can get «Test Pilot» achivement again.
  22. Online highscores table is accessible from the main menu.
  23. Translated some of the texts to English.
  24. Everything else.


  1. Added blending mode for flashes.
  2. Added online highscores table fetching.
  3. Added a key for cyclic weapon change.
  4. Fixed the wrong order of widgets rendering sometimes resulting in backround being over the text.
  5. Window title shows the game version as well as the engine version.
  6. Windows binary got its icon back.
  7. Fixed gcc 4.7 compatibility.
  8. Probably fixed FreeBSD compatibility. Only tested on virtual machine.
  9. Probably fixed Mac OS X compatibility. Only tested on virtual machine. Contact us for build instructions.


  1. Fixed some problems in README.txt

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April 3, 2012: A quick update

If you don't have a special reason to download this version you would be better off with a new one.

As some of you may have noticed, despite releasing «the Other Side of Omskow» we didn't mention it anywhere, other than our twitter and this site. The reason for this is the fact that we have found a couple of serious problems immideately afer release, but were unable to provide fixes due to organization problems.

Of course, we cannot guarantee that we fixed all of the problems there is. But this is likely not going to be the last patch.

List of changes.


  1. Resources are now loaded from the archives faster.
  2. Added addiotional info to crash reports.
  3. Removed some of the mysterous uncommented numbers from the logs.
  4. When installed from a deb package the game no longer tries to write crash reports where it is installed, settling on user's home directory.


  1. Fixed black screen instead of easy difficulty ending.
  2. Fixed the guard in tutorial not letting the player enter the door in some cases.
  3. Fixed the crash on accessing the «custom map» menu without any custom maps present.
  4. Fixed menu appearance and other problems with pressing keys while loading.
  5. A version of the game installed from a deb package no longer considers its files modified and can send scores online.
  6. A version of the game installed from a deb package can now run custom maps.


This patch only fixes the problems that we ourselves have noticed, not the ones our players have found out. Next one is going to take a bit longer.

Prepatched versions:

(Win) (Src) (x64 .deb)


(Win) (Src)

Copy the contents to the game directory and rebuild it if you have built it befre. Deb package can only be redownloaded.

If you don't have a special reason to download this version you would be better off with a new one.

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April 2, 2012: iiChantra P.E.A.R: the Other Side of Omskow

If you don't have a special reason to download this version you would be better off with a new one.

Even if we heard the rumors about our death a lot of times, we still kept working. Today we show you the product of our word: iiCahntra P.E. A.R: the Other Side of Omskow. Can you solve the mystery of the strange town? And if you do — what will you do with the answer?


  1. A continuation of the story (if you can call it that) from iiChantra P.E. A.R. Find out what happened with the army of the villain!
  2. Combos, achievements and cakes. A good way to waste your time!
  3. Two characters to choose from with their strong and weak sides. Including the undoubtable bonus of sailorfuku!
  4. Expanded character abilities. Carry up to four weapon types, make double jumps, slide on the ground, shoot directly up and down!
  5. Several alternative endings. Gotta watch them all!
  6. Local cooperative multiplayer! Search for truth with your friend!
  7. And much more.

Let us also remind you that the game features an online highscores table so don't panic if you see a network activity from it. It's not a botnet, we swear.

If you don't have a special reason to download this version you would be better off with a new one.

(Win) (Src) (x64 .deb)

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April 1, 2011: Star Stuff: the game

Hello, people who were interested in iiChantra. We have news both good and bad.

We'll start with bad. The creator of our main character original sprite has recently visited our irc channel and told us that he named her Electra and forbids us from using her in the game, because he will use her for house work. After that bad things just keeped on happening — our script was sold to Belarussian tv, our artists lost most of their sprites gambling and the whole «iiChantra» brand was sold to a Chinese company that would now produce the unlicensed cartridges for unlicensed copies of unlicensed 8- and 16-bit consoles.

Good news is the fact that we still have the engine and a burning desire to do something. Thus, we made something — Star Stuff: the game.

You can download it from here and, on an off chance that you are a part of 0.0001% of Earth's population that has computers that can actually run it, even play it.

P.S: You can make your life easier by selecting «mode: easy» in the options menu.

Windows binary Source code

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January 7, 2011: iiChantra: P.E.A.R

Two years ago on this day, January 7th, we released a first almost playable version of iiChantra that had some sort of objective. To commemorate this event we present you iiChantra: P.E. A.R. (Previous Encounter Almost Repeated)!

You should also know that this version of the game uses SDL_net library so you can send your final score to the server. Don't panic when you see network activity from it.

highscores.iichantra.ru Windows binary Source code

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October 31, 2010: iiChantra Halloween!

After a short discussion we came to a conclusion that we didn't release anything but promises long enough. So after deciding to fix that we looked at the calendar and — what do you know! — it's actually almost a holiday, albeit not the one usually celebrated in our country.

Then we got to work and here is the result — sort of a «remake» (more of a spiritual successor, really) of one of the earlier builds, themed after this holiday.

Linux binary was only tested in slackware 13.1 and lubuntu 10.10, needs SDL and DevIL (both included for Windows) and will most likely would not work for you, so go ahead and grab the source code.

Windows binary Linux binary Source code

Update 1: Original archives had a missed texture. If slowpoke projectiles are invisible, please put these two files to your textures directory.

Update 2: Because some of you complain about performance problems we have made a «light» version of the scripts: halloween_script.lua that you can put into your scripts directory. With it you won't have enemy markers and mass teleportations in the game that may, hovewer, drag out the rounds a bit longer.

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October 6, 2010: Light at the end of the tunnel

Несмотря на то, что те из команды, кто ещё остался верен делу разработки, периодически отвлекаются на разные интересные, но не необходимые вещи вроде внутриигровой консоли и сетевой игры, финал разработки первого эпизода уже можно разглядеть впереди невооружённым глазом.

Чего на данный момент более всего не хватает команде — так это усидчивости для занятий монотонным трудом вроде комбинирования тайлов в редакторе карт и моральной поддержки. И последнюю вы можете обеспечить. Если все вы искренне дружно скажете вслух «я верю в иичантру», то она тут же выйдет. Честное слово. А если вдруг нет, то, значит, кто-то верит недостаточно сильно, может быть, даже вы. Да-да, вы.

Так что продолжайте верить в игру, не забывайте произносить эту волшебную фразу по несколько раз на дню и всё будет хорошо.

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August 17, 2010: Back to work

As promised, we are back from vacations and ready to work. Unfortunately, all of the help that we were promised have disappeared. We are all alone once again.

But we are not going to give up. Watch out for updates.

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August 3, 2010: Slowpokes need rest too

Those of you who monitor the commits to our svn may have noticed that last week had almost no progress. This is caused by the fact that the amount of developers out on vacation has reached its peak. For some time from now on we may not have any updates at all.

Everything is not so bad, however. Just in ten more days they will start to return, freshly rested and ready for new achievements. And for now slowpokes need their rest too.

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July 8, 2010: What's new

December 31 of 2009 we've produced a sort of a tech demo to showcase our progress. While the reception was mostly positive, it became a subject to critique. Some may wonder if the listened to it. So here is a list of changes we made based on feedback:

  • Added a version for Linux.
  • Solved a problem that led to the colored rectangles instead of proper character sprite.
  • Added a joystick/gamepad support.
  • Characters and enemies move slower. However we consider adding a special «cofeinum» mode that retains original speed.
  • Characters now don't jump as high as they used to. You no longer can jump higher than you can see.
  • Game physics no longer depend on time.
  • Added support for language files. All of the game texts are now written both in English and Russian. You can select your language in the configuration file.

The only thing that can be said about recent progress is that it is present. Even despite the fact that most of the developers have left on vacations the work continues. Watch out for updates.

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June 10, 2010: Our plans and progress

Despite a lack of updates before, the work on the game is quite active once again and the progress can be spotted by a naked eye. At this time the first level is more than a half complete. Due to complains about level sizes, this one is already larger than all of the previous ones combined. Everything about it is carefully planned so you don't need to worry about us losing direction in the middle of the process.

Because of the fact we severely underestimated the time we need to create the game it may come in episodes of 3–4 levels at a time with an ability to carry the save games over. Watch out for updates.

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May 26, 2010: Newest developments

Since we lasted posted here we've made substancial progress. The sprites for the first level are currently being worked on. Watch out for updates.

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May 19, 2010: New design

We have updated the design of this blog and added an RSS feed. Now you can use it to get the most recent news about the development.

No progress for the game this time, however.

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May 8, 2010: First post

This is an official™ iiChantra blog where you can read the news about the project.

It is currently active. At this moment most of the work is done, we just need to draw a couple more tiles, clean up the code, create the levels… You know what — it doesn't look like most of the work is done at all. But still, updates are pretty slow — developers are human too, they have their jobs, families and general laziness.

Thanks for your support and do look out for updates.

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