19 April 2012: Die andere Seite von Omskau v1.2

Prepatched version:

(Win) (Src) (x64 .deb)



Copy contents of the patch to the directory where last version was installed.



  1. Added two new levels.
  2. Added a bonus minigame.
  3. Fixed console command for getting health.
  4. Fixed the problem with characters not appearing in some cutscenes.
  5. Added confirmation for restart button.
  6. You can now configure the screenshot button in menu.
  7. Enemies now flash white when receiving damage. Can be turned off in config/extra.lua.
  8. Changed character physics. They fall slower and have lower maximum vertical velocity. Can be turned off in config/extra.lua.
  9. Single manpac no longer counts as several enemies for combo meter.
  10. Added a new key preset "less keys" for people who cannot use more than four keys (not counting directions) for some reason. You can't perform every possible move with it, but more than enough to beat the game.
  11. Fixed the problem with miniboss fight in Mountains never starting.
  12. A weak spot of miniboss in Mountains now produces sparks on hit to be more obvious.
  13. Omskow laboratory renamed to "Secret Base" in several places to avoid confusion with the Laboratory.
  14. Teleportration now resets character velocity.
  15. Profile selection menu shows proper names.
  16. "Music Room" now works as intended.
  17. Characters become immortal after defeating the boss so you no longer can get game over right after you win.
  18. Fixed text formatting in info menu.
  19. When taking damage from boss in Familiar Face character is now pushed back.
  20. Fixed the typo that prevented players from getting "Experimentator" achievement.
  21. You can get "Test Pilot" achivement again.
  22. Online highscores table is accessible from the main menu.
  23. Translated some of the texts to English.
  24. Everything else.


  1. Added blending mode for flashes.
  2. Added online highscores table fetching.
  3. Added a key for cyclic weapon change.
  4. Fixed the wrong order of widgets rendering sometimes resulting in backround being over the text.
  5. Window title shows the game version as well as the engine version.
  6. Windows binary got its icon back.
  7. Fixed gcc 4.7 compatibility.
  8. Probably fixed FreeBSD compatibility. Only tested on virtual machine.
  9. Probably fixed Mac OS X compatibility. Only tested on virtual machine. Contact us for build instructions.


  1. Fixed some problems in README.txt

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