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iiChantra is a cross-platform 2D-Action, "retro" in style but modern in gameplay. Despite the similarity of the name, iiChantra is not a clone of any particular game in Contra series, trying instead to capture the feeling of a few first games in some aspects of gameplay, parodies it in other and tries to go beyond its ideas in the rest. From the very beginning of the development process original resources were in high priority, so all of them were created especially for the game and not used before, but most of the character and enemies are familiar to the visitors of the imageboard

Main features:

  1. Quality pixel art graphics.
  2. Original chiptune soundtrack composed by vibe_crc.
  3. Fast-paced gameplay, that still requires some thought.
  4. Custom-built moddable cross-platform engine.


  1. iiChantra? I heard it was abandoned.
    First of all, where did you even heard about iiChantra before if you read this site in English? Surely something is not right here. Second, no, it was not. It just faked its own death and went underground for a while to escape a shadowy organization we are not going to name here.
  2. iiChantra? Is that that game written in java? Or was it python?
    Nope, not the same one. A long time ago (so long ago, in fact, that only mammoths remembered that other than us and they all died) there were several other games sharing that name, but as time went on all of them disappeared while we persisted. Our game is written in C++ with lua as a scripting language.
  3. Is this a Contra clone?
    Uh, no. You should read the text above more carefully. Yes, I know that it's boring, but still.
  4. When are you going to release your game already?
    Well, strictly speaking we already did. There was, indeed, a game called iiChantra first, but its main design desicions were proven to be wrong. Thus, you can safely assume that for now iiChantra is not a single game, but a series and iiChantra P.E.A.R. and other versions from download sections are its parts. Maybe one day we will finally complete a game just called "iiChantra" but this is a story for another time.
  5. Head of iiChantra team is evil! They have all retreated to their irc channel and forbid artists from doing anything!
    Once again, we are very suprised you have a context for this question, not having followed the development from the start on Russian resources and all. Anyway, you are completely right. Also, this site does not exist, and we once tried to steal Christmas but failed. Well, actually, the head of the team was actually a lead artist before that and was appointed almost unanimously.
  6. Well, you seem to have everything you need. I'll go help someone else.
    While this is not strictly a question we will still comment on that. We don't have everything we need at all. We don't have anyone working with sounds, for example. And we would aprreciate any help in general.
  7. What is the name of the main character? Is it Anonya? It's Anonya, right?
    No! This name in particular have cause quite a lot of drama back in the day. Because of that, even if noone in the team is offended by it anymore, it is considered taboo in discussions about the game. You've been warned.
  8. Why don't you use gamemaker?
    Well, the short answer is we find it more difficult to create the game we want in gamemaker that from scratch. Some may say we haven't yet completed the game either way. But we are looking for these people, so they don't have that to say for long.
  9. Your game should have fifth beta-channel, dynamic lighting and bump-mapping. Where is all that?
    It's not we can't add these sorts of effects, but we don't want to. We have a vision about the look of our game and stick to it. It changes from release to release, though, so have patience and you may see it one day.