October 31, 2010: iiChantra Halloween!

After a short discussion we came to a conclusion that we didn't release anything but promises long enough. So after deciding to fix that we looked at the calendar and — what do you know! — it's actually almost a holiday, albeit not the one usually celebrated in our country.

Then we got to work and here is the result — sort of a «remake» (more of a spiritual successor, really) of one of the earlier builds, themed after this holiday.

Linux binary was only tested in slackware 13.1 and lubuntu 10.10, needs SDL and DevIL (both included for Windows) and will most likely would not work for you, so go ahead and grab the source code.

Windows binary Linux binary Source code

Update 1: Original archives had a missed texture. If slowpoke projectiles are invisible, please put these two files to your textures directory.

Update 2: Because some of you complain about performance problems we have made a «light» version of the scripts: halloween_script.lua that you can put into your scripts directory. With it you won't have enemy markers and mass teleportations in the game that may, hovewer, drag out the rounds a bit longer.

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