April 1, 2011: Star Stuff: the game

Hello, people who were interested in iiChantra. We have news both good and bad.

We'll start with bad. The creator of our main character original sprite has recently visited our irc channel and told us that he named her Electra and forbids us from using her in the game, because he will use her for house work. After that bad things just keeped on happening — our script was sold to Belarussian tv, our artists lost most of their sprites gambling and the whole «iiChantra» brand was sold to a Chinese company that would now produce the unlicensed cartridges for unlicensed copies of unlicensed 8- and 16-bit consoles.

Good news is the fact that we still have the engine and a burning desire to do something. Thus, we made something — Star Stuff: the game.

You can download it from here and, on an off chance that you are a part of 0.0001% of Earth's population that has computers that can actually run it, even play it.

P.S: You can make your life easier by selecting «mode: easy» in the options menu.

Windows binary Source code

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