What is iiChantra?

iiChantra is a cross-platform 2D-Action, «retro» in style but modern in gameplay. Despite the similarity of the name, iiChantra is not a clone of any particular game in Contra series, trying instead to capture the feeling of a few first games in some aspects of gameplay, parodies it in other and tries to go beyond its ideas in the rest. From the very beginning of the development process original resources were in high priority, so all of them were created especially for the game and not used before, but most of the character and enemies are familiar to the visitors of the imageboard iichan.ru.


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April 19, 2012: The Other Side of Omskow v1.2

Prepatched version:

(Win) (Src) (x64 .deb)



Copy contents of the patch to the directory where last version was installed.

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